The Community Participates in a Fundraising Program, Where Everyone WINS

1) Peel Cards Increase Community Awareness for everyone involved

2) Merchants Support Local Non Profit Organizations which Increases Store Traffic and Sales

3) Fundraising Groups get Local Support and Raise Funds for their Projects

4) Supporters Benefit from the Coupon Offers, Saving money every time they use the Peel Card  

5) Peel-Deal Helps to Support Communities - By Keeping the money in the Local Community!!

As Fundraiser's go, you’ve probably tried them all…Chocolate, Cookies, Magazines, etc. 


Food Products Melt, Spoil and Require Refrigeration, as well as Warehousing and Transportation. Peel Cards Have No Such Costly Liabilities

Most Fundraisers sell items that you can buy anywhere. You are Paying More at the Door, then you would at the Corner Store to show your Support

Food and other Fundraising Products are Heavy and a Hassle to Carry and Sell. Peel Cards are Compact, Light and Easy to Carry 

$10.00 Peel Cards Produce up to 50% or more Profit for Organizations while providing Outstanding Local Merchant Advertising

Fundraising Supporters Receive Great Value in the way of Hundreds of Dollars in Coupon Savings. You can use your Peel Card a couple times & you have your $10.00 Back, the Remainder of the card is Pure Saving for you and your family

Peel-Deal Cards have provided many organizations with the opportunity to fundraise in a Professional, Profitable, Easy Manner  which benefits everyone in the community 

Look at the Peel-Deal Card & Ask Yourself,  "Would You Buy One?"   We Think You Would! 


Creating a  WIN, WIN, WIN  Situation

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The Simple Fundraising Solution
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Peel Cards Have Successfully Raised Funds For Many Organisations:

Fundraising Groups          Colleges Social Committees          League Registration          Clubs         Team Trips     Schools

Booster Clubs           Dance Studios            Youth Groups            Swimming          YMCA         Choir         Baseball       Hockey
Soccer          Slow Pitch          Cubs Scouts          Charity Events         Cheerleaders          Band         Military         Fraternity
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The Simple Fundraising Solution

History Has Proven .... Peel-Cards Sell ..... No Matter What !!

Card Profits are 50% or more !!!

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Your Group Could Be Raising Much Needed Funds Tomorrow!!

The Community Can Participate in a Fundraising Program, Where Everyone WINS